about QMDCI
About Qmdci Hospitality

QMDCI Hospitality and Tourism Institute commenced operations in 2016 with a vision to bridge the gap of professionalism in the hospitality and tourism industry. In an emerging economy such as Nigeria, markets evolve daily as people's needs and environment change, while competition becomes stiffer, the knowledge gap becomes significant. Therefore, it is imperative to supplement both the technical and soft skills with adequate training for people in the hospitality industry and reduce unprofessional/unethical behaviour among individuals in the industry. Consequently, we reduce the sector's skills gap for a more economically viable and competitive industry in Nigeria.

Our training includes, however, not limited to catering, food and beverage, culinary skills, and event management. We saw the need to impact lives through vocational training in the hospitality and tourism industry; therefore, we develop methods and processes that aim to create the right skills required to set our programmes up in their private businesses and increase employability.

We are in the business of value addition- to train and retrain individuals for employment or jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector of the economy and other corporate institutions. Thus, our students graduate as professional Chefs, Caterers, Event Managers, and Planners, thus employing hotels, restaurants, corporate institutions, or start-ups, both small and large-scale businesses.